Better Nutrition helps maintain your health … and your massage practice. How important is it to practice good nutrition? For massage therapists, the answer is very important . Your food choices each day effect your health and wellbeing. 

“When the fingers, forearms, shoulders and back contract with intensity and force, the energy requirements of the massage therapist become equal to the competitive athlete, endurance runner and bodybuilder, “ says sports nutritionist Cory Holly. “ Massage therapy creates unique nutritional demands that can only be sustained long term with optimum nutrition."

As massage therapists and care givers it is essential that we optimize our nutrition to better sustain the stamina and longevity needed to perform our job well. 

This course covers Four Lifestyle Health Topics; Muscle Health, Weight Management, Digestive Health, Energy and Stamina. We discuss how to overcome distress, discomfort and disease in these areas and maintain the most optimum health through a nutrition protocol. Our goal is to successfully impact the health of massage therapists and their clients using the best nutrition on the planet!

Best Course Ever!

"Ann offered a more thorough learning environment than many of the other classes I have previously taken. I highly recommend this course for anyone serious about learning techniques to help their clients."

- Heather Russell

"Thank you so much! One of the best courses I’ve ever taken – so relevant. Made it worth coming clear across the state!"

- Jerri Woodard

"Great as usual! Very good info that I will be able to utilize immediately in my practice."

- Laura Offerman

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Meet your guide, Ann Murley, CHWC

Ann’s self-healing journey began after serving as one of Omaha’s very first female firefighters. An on-the-job injury left her with a disability and in chronic pain. Ann was determined to not rely on pain medications and instead sought natural ways to relieve and manage her condition.


Finding great relief and rehabilitation from massage therapy, Ann formally studied massage therapy and received her license in 1989. Her expanding practice mushroomed into a thriving business and fueled her desire to teach. In 1991 she founded Omaha School of Massage Therapy which became and remains a symbol for personal wellness and an icon in the Omaha area. Within the first three of her eighteen years of service as President and CEO of OSMT, Ann’s two-room school expanded into a 14,000 foot facility, incorporating exercise training, nutrition and wellness classes into her unique massage therapy curriculum.



Ann's CE courses are designed to provide solutions to relieve pain, improve mobility, strength and energy of massage therapists and their clients. “Along with teaching safe and effective massage techniques, it is my passion to enhance the general health and career longevity for massage therapists to maintain a flourishing practice.”

Excellent Instructor!

“Ann is an excellent instructor. The course gave me great techniques for self-care, and tools to take into my massage studio to work with clients immediately. The price was right too!”

– Nancy Barnett

"Not only does Ann teach you great technique, she teaches you how to incorporate that into building your clientele and into creating a successful practice."

- Abbe Owen, LMT

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